The Coherence of the English Course Materials Provided for Genetic Computer School Singapore (GCSS UNM) Students with the Subject-Matter Textbooks

ASHARY, NURDIN. (2015) The Coherence of the English Course Materials Provided for Genetic Computer School Singapore (GCSS UNM) Students with the Subject-Matter Textbooks. S2 thesis, Universitas Negeri Makassar.

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ABSTRACT ASHARY NURDIN. The Coherence of the English Course Materials Provided for Genetic Computer School Singapore (GCSS UNM) Students with the Subject-Matter Textbooks. (Supervised by BasoJabu and Nurdin Noni) In order to equip the students with skills of English, GCSS UNM conducts English course as supplementary to the regular program. The English course is essential, despite it is only a supplementary program, as the students need English in order to access the subject-matter textbooks and the examinations which are all in English. This thesis examines the coherence of the English course materials used in the course with the subject-matter textbooks. It focuses on the quality of the English course materials, the degree of coherence of the materials with the subject-matter textbooks and the aspects in which the materials are coherent with the subject-matter textbooks. For the data collection and analysis, there are two materials used in the English course at GCSS UNM taken as data sources alongside the subject-matter textbooks, i.e. Infotech: English for Computer Users – Student’s Book (Fourth Edition) and Interchange – Teacher’s Edition 2 (Third Edition). The research is fundamentally based on alignment study as the model of the research and content analysis as the method of the research. In the research, textbook evaluation was also employed in order define the quality of the materials and to determine the coherence of the materials with the subject-matter textbooks. Regarding the quality of the materials, the research results indicate that both Infotech and Interchange are good and qualified for use. However, Infotech is considered more appropriate for use as it weighs more on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) since Interchangeweighs more on General English (GE). Regarding the degree of coherence, Infotech has moderate degree of coherence with the subject-matter textbooks, while Interchange has no coherence at all. Regarding the aspects of coherence, most of the coherence of Infotech with the subject-matter textbooks happens on the main topic, while Interchange has no aspect in coherence with the subject-matter textbooks at all.   ABSTRAK ASHARY NURDIN. KoherensiMateri-materiKursusBahasaInggrisuntukSiswaGenetic Computer School Singapore (GCSS UNM) denganBuku-bukuTeksBidangStudi. (DibimbingolehBasoJabudanNurdin Noni) Demi mempersiapkansiswadenganketerampilanberbahasaInggris, GCSS UNM melaksanakankursusbahasaInggrissebagai program tambahanbagi program regular. KursusbahasaInggrisinipenting, meskipunhanyasebagai program tambahan, sebab para siswamembutuhkanbahasaInggrisuntukmengaksesbuku-bukuteksbidangstudidanujian-ujian yang semuanyadalambahasaInggris. Tesisinimenilikkoherensiantaramateri-materi yang digunakandalamkursusbahasaInggristersebutdenganbuku-bukuteksbidangstudi. Tesisiniberfokuspadakualitasdarimaterikursus, tingkatkoherensiantaramateridenganbukuteksbidangstudidanaspekkoherensiantaramateridenganbukuteksbidangstudi. Untukpengumpulandananalisa data, adaduamaterikursusbahasaInggris GCSS UNM yang digunakansebagaisumber data di sampingbuku-bukuteksbidangstudi, yakniInfotech: English for Computer Users – Student’s Book (Fourth Edition)danInterchange – Teacher’s Edition 2 (Third Edition). Penelitianutamanyadidasarkanpadaalignment studysebagai model penelitiandancontent analysissebagaimetodepenelitian. Dalampenelitian, textbook evaluationjugadigunakandalamrangkamenentukankualitasmateridankoherensiantaramateridenganbukuteksbidangstudi. Menyangkutkualitasmateri, hasilpenelitianmengindikasikanbahwaInfotechdanInterchangekeduanyabaikdandapatdigunakan. Namun, InfotechdianggapjauhlebihsesuaiuntukdigunakansebablebihcenderungkeEnglish for Specific Purposes (ESP)dibandingInterchange yang lebihcenderungkeGeneral English (GE). Menyangkuttingkatkoherensi, Infotechmemilikikoherensitingkatmenengahdenganbuku-bukuteksbidangstudi, sementaraInterchangetidakmemilikikoherensisamasekali. Menyangkutaspekkoherensi, kebanyakankoherensiInfotechdenganbuku-bukuteksbidangstuditerjadipadatatarantopikutama, sementaraInterchangetidakmemilikiaspekkoherensidenganbuku-bukuteksbidangstudisamasekali.

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
Date Deposited: 12 Jul 2016 02:36
Last Modified: 25 Oct 2016 03:12

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