The Efficacy of Workshop Model in Teaching Reading Comprehension

PALDY, PALDY (2015) The Efficacy of Workshop Model in Teaching Reading Comprehension. S1 thesis, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MAKASSAR.

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ABSTRACT PALDY, The Efficacy of Workshop Model in Teaching Reading Comprehension (supervised by Arifuddin Hamra and Sukardi Weda) The objectives of this research were: (1) to find out whether the use of workshop model is efficacious to improve the reading achievement of the sixth semester English department students of Cokroaminoto Palopo University and (2) to find out the students’ interest in learning reading comprehension toward the application of workshop model. This research employed quasi experimental design. The population of this research was the sixth semester students of English department of Cokroaminoto University Palopo in academic year 2012/2013. The sample of this research was the sixth semester students in academic year 2012/2013 where consisted of 60 students. This research used cluster random sampling technique. The research data were collected by using two kinds of instruments namely: reading test for the students’ reading comprehension and questionnaire for the students’ interest. Data on the students’ reading skills were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics, and data on the students’ interest were analyzed by using Likert scale. The results of the research were: (1) workshop model can improve reading achievement of the students of English department of Cokroaminoto Palopo University, and (2) the students were interested in learning reading comprehension through workshop model. It can be concluded that the workshop model in the teaching process is effective to be implemented in improving the students’ reading achievement in terms of literal, interpretive and extrapolative level, and the students have high interest toward workshop model in teaching reading process. ABSTRAK PALDY. Keampuhan Model Workshop dalam mengajarkan Pemahaman Membaca (dibimbing oleh Arifuddin Hamra dan Sukardi Weda.). Tujuan penelitian ini adalah: (1) untuk mengetahui apakah model workshop ampuh dalam meningkatkan kemampuan membaca mahasiswa semester enam jurusan Bahasa Inggris Universitas Cokroaminoto Palopo, dan (2) untuk mengetahui apakah siswa tertarik dalam mempelajari pemahaman membaca melalui model workshop. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian quasi eksperimen. Sampel dari penelitian ini adalah terdiri atas 60 siswa semester enamt jurusan Bahasa Inggris Universitas Cokroaminoto Palopo tahun pelajaran 2012/2013. Penelitian ini menggunakan cluster random sampling. Data penelitian dikumpulkan dengan menggunakan dua jenis instrument: tes membaca untuk data kemampuan membaca siswa dan angket untuk data ketertarikan siswa. Data kemampuan membaca siswa dianalisis dengan menggunakan statistik deskriptif dan inferensial, dan data ketertarikan siswa dianalisis dengan menggunakan skala Likert. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah: (1) model workshop dapat meningkatkan kemampuan siswa dalam pemahaman membaca, dan (2) siswa memiliki ketertarikan dalam belajar pemahaman membaca melalui model workshop. Dari hasil penelitian ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa model workshop dalam proses pengajaran efektif untuk diaplikasikan dalam meningkatkan kemampuan pemahaman membaca siswa dalam tingkat literal, interpretif dan extrapolatif, dan siswa memiliki ketertarikan yang tinggi terhadap model workshop dalam pengajaran reading.

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 30 Nov 2016 05:36
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