Nucleoporin Nup58 Localizes to Centrosomes and Mid-Bodies During Mitosis

Hartono, Hartono and Hazawa, Masaharu and Siang, Kee Lim and R.P. Dewi, Firli and Kobayashi, Akiko and Wong, Richard W (2019) Nucleoporin Nup58 Localizes to Centrosomes and Mid-Bodies During Mitosis. Cell Division, 14 (7). pp. 1-13. ISSN 17471028

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Background: Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) act as nano-turnstiles within nuclear membranes between the cyto- plasm and nucleus of mammalian cells. NPC proteins, called nucleoporins (Nups), mediate trafficking of proteins and RNA into and out of the nucleus, and are involved in a variety of mitotic processes. We previously reported that Nup62 localizes to the centrosome and mitotic spindle during mitosis, and plays a role in centrosome homeostasis.However, whether Nup58, a Nup62 subcomplex protein, also localizes to spindle poles is unknown. Result: Herein, we show that Nup58 localizes to the nuclear rim during interphase, and to mitotic spindles, cen- trosomes, and midbodies during mitosis. Our confocal microscopy, live-cell imaging, and stimulated emission deple- tion nanoscopy results also demonstrated that Nup58 localized to the centrosomes during metaphase and relocalized to midbodies during abscission. Depletion of Nup58 resulted in centrosomal abnormalities and delayed abscission. Conclusion: Nup58 localized at the centrosomes and mitotic spindle during metaphase and relocalized at midbod- ies during abscission. This study highlights the important role of Nup58 in mitosis

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