Sustainable Peace Development In Ambon (An Analysis Study In Negeri Hila And Dusun Hila Tanah Putih)

Riewpassa, Salmalina and Andi Agustang, Andi Agustang and Adam, Arlin (2020) Sustainable Peace Development In Ambon (An Analysis Study In Negeri Hila And Dusun Hila Tanah Putih). International Journal Of Scientific & Technology Research, 9 (2). pp. 477-480. ISSN 2277-8616

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Religious nuance conflicts in Ambon became a dark history of the Indonesian nation's historical journey. The development of Ambon in the future is expected to encourage the realization of sustainable peace. However, the construction of peacebuilding is like two sides of one currency, inseparable. Both sides must be complementary and mutually supportive. This situation is similar to the Central Maluku which is currently still in the process of peaceful transition. This study aimed to analyze the principles of peace between two different religious communities in Tanah Hila and Dusun Tanah Hila Putih. To analyze the data, a descriptive qualitative method was used. While for data collection, observation, in-depth interviews, and focused group discussions were successfully done to those communities. The results showed that there were several approaches have been conducted successfully to build sustainable peace. The community events were conducted to unite differences that were carried out by two different faith groups. The family relationships approach has taken to minimized social conflict among the groups. This harmony can be seen as these two different faiths were carrying out Patita meals party, conducting religious social activities, sporting in volleyball competitions, telling fraternal relations between generations, and protecting land ownership rights. To succeed in these efforts, religious leaders played an important role in resolving Maluku conflict issues and caring for peace. Even though religious institutions have not yet done solely to maintain and build peace, the Christian community of Hila Tanah Putih and its religious leaders, however, have given direction to their followers in order to maintain peace and harmony among themselves. Therefore, this study strongly advises that understanding the dynamics of religious as well as the political conflict is very important especially to prevent the possibility of recurring conflict in society. As a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious state, Indonesia is always haunted by the vulnerability of the threat of conflict with various backgrounds, starting from identity-based, ethno-communal, separatist, separating natural resource access to micro-scale conflicts such as brawls between youth, disputes between residents and so on. Community development plays an important role in maintaining and encouraging sustainable peacebuilding to move in a constructive direction. Index Terms: Sustainable Peace Development

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