Dialektika Ruang dan Proses Produksi Sosial: Studi Sosiologi Pola Pemukiman Etnik di Makassar

Ahmadin, Ahmadin (2011) Dialektika Ruang dan Proses Produksi Sosial: Studi Sosiologi Pola Pemukiman Etnik di Makassar. S2 thesis, Universitas Hasanuddin.

DIALEKTIKA RUANG DAN PROSES PRODUKSI SOSIAL (Studi Sosiologi Pola Pemukiman Etnik di Makassar)_Disertasi Ahmadin UNM.pdf

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This study aims to analyze (1) the dominative forces that break social ties and spatial structures based on ethnicity in the city of Makassar, (2) social impacts, and (3) patterns of survival and efforts to find new social spaces by ethnic group members. This research was conducted in Makassar City with an analysis unit of Kampung Melayu, Kampung Wajo, Kampung Maluku, Kampung Cina, and several other ethnic villages. Data collection is done through observation, in-depth interviews with the snowball system, and documentation. The results showed that the phenomenon of breaking down social ties and spatial structures based on ethnicity was caused by urban spatial planning and development, mixed marriages, the demands of the profession and the world of work, the pressures of capitalism, lifestyle, and housing sector policies. In addition, the meaning of space that affects the growth of new settlement centers, as well as changes in the function of space from domestic to commercial impact on the practice of space accommodation. As a result, artificial localities are born in the form of housing complexes with unclear social adhesive tools. The inability of certain ethnic members to live in the same spatial group, due to the pressures of capitalism and the swift flow of consumerism, in turn gave birth to the tendency to find new social spaces. These spaces are called new visions of reality as well as new ecological perspectives. Relation to the meaning of space by individuals who determine their actions, to survive or do mobility and try to find new social and spatial spaces, driven by needs, feelings, goals, self image, future ideals, and other factors.

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
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