The Role of Folktales as Learning Source to Support Vocabulary Mastery for Senior High School Students

Hamral, Ahmad (2018) The Role of Folktales as Learning Source to Support Vocabulary Mastery for Senior High School Students. S1 thesis, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MAKASSAR.

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The limited mastery of vocabulary is a main issue in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) particularly in the classroom context. One of the motives of this limitation derives from the lack exposure to the Target Language (TL). Therefore the current study tried to enrich such limited input to be meaningful by employing the psychological features of folktales through folktale-based vocabulary exercise. There were three themes of folktales examined in this study namely love, good deed, and hero, to figure out: (i) the type of folktale-based vocabulary exercise which effects vocabulary mastery, and (ii) whether the presence of the folktales’ theme affect vocabulary mastery. This study applied Repeated Measures Experimental Design in order to put the test of the three folktales’ themes on a group of respondent which consists of 32 students. The data were obtained from pretest and posttest of each theme of treatment. This row data then were tabulated and statistically calculated using SPSS program to find out whether or not the affect of those themes of folktales is toward vocabulary mastery of the students. The result of data analysis showed that all of the three types of folktale’s theme affect the vocabulary mastery of the respondents. It was indicated by the value of correlation of the three themes of treatment which were more than 0.05 and all of the significance value at paired sample t-test which were less than 0.05. The values of the t-calculation that were gained for all types were bigger than t-table. It means that the existence of effect was fulfilled. The difference of number of t-calculation for all pairs (pretest and posttest which were applied on each treatment) means that the presence of the varied folktale’s themes brings effect to vocabulary mastery of the students. The t-calculation of the theme of love, good deed, and hero in row were 45.471, 99.607, and 43.097. Therefore the strongest effect is presented by folktale’s theme of good deed, then followed by theme of love, and last is hero’s theme. Key Words: vocabulary, folktales, love, good deed, hero

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 03 Jul 2018 07:57
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