Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Science, and Technology (ICEST 2017)

A Review of Leadership Styles and Employee's Well-being in Different Types of Organizations

Muhammad Jufri, Hillman Wirawan
Corresponding author
Muhammad Jufri
leadership, transformational, transactional, well-being, organization
This paper is a viewpoint paper and it aims at presenting theoretical-based evidence on the role of leadership styles and employee's well-being. First, the authors provided a review in the area of leadership styles (i.e., transformational and transactional styles) and well-being. Second, extensive reviews were also included to support the arguments before generating theoretical-based conclusions. This paper suggested that transformational leadership style outperformed the effect of transactional leadership style on employee's well-being. In addition, different types of organizations potentially moderate the relationship between the variables. Future study should conduct an empirical investigation to further understanding the relationships.
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