The Students’ Perception on EFL Teachers’ Performance in teaching English at Senior High School of Anggeraja, Enrekang

ALAM, RHAYNANDA MIFTAHUL (2018) The Students’ Perception on EFL Teachers’ Performance in teaching English at Senior High School of Anggeraja, Enrekang. S1 thesis, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MAKASSAR.


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The objectives of this research were to know the students’ perception on EFL teachers’ performance in teaching English at senior high school of Sub-District Anggeraja; and to know whether the EFL teachers teaching performance at senior high school of Anggeraja, Enrekang were effective. This study used survey research design in which quantitative information is systematically collected of the study. The sample of this study was the first, second and third grade students of four schools at Anggeraja, Enrekang they were SMAN 1 Enrekang, SMKN 2 Enrekang, SMKN 4 Enrekang, and SMA Unggulan 45 Sossok. The instrument of this study is an assessment instrument. It used formula of the assessment instrument to analyze the data of the EFL teachers’ performance and one-way ANOVA to see the standard deviation among the mean score. The findings reveal that most of the students at senior high school of Sub-District Anggeraja perceive that their EFL teachers exhibited an attitude that can be emulated by the student, motivated students in every lesson to be always enthusiastic, including encouraging students to be able to memorize new words and used them in conversation, fair in scoring and providing feedback on the students’ work, and the way in teaching was accompanied by ice-breakers and jokes. At negative statements, most of students perceive that the EFL teachers at Anggeraja explained the material by reading the text-book, kept on sitting while explaining the subject matter in the classroom, and used Indonesian language as the instructional language instead of the target language. The result showed there were 7 EFL teachers who were categorized as effective EFL teachers they were teacher 3 with mean score 64.2, teacher 4 with mean score 63.95, teacher 5 with mean score 67.025, teacher 6 with mean score 71.675, teacher 7 with mean score 63.6, teacher 8 with mean score 71.47, and teacher 10 with mean score 72.225, while there were 5 EFL teachers who were categorized as very effective EFL teachers, they were teacher 1 with mean score 73.05, teacher 2 with mean score 73.325, teacher 9 with mean score 74.1, teacher 11 with mean score 78.3, teacher 12 with mean score 74.425. The highest mean score was the second grade teacher (teacher 11) who is a civil servant EFL teacher at SMAN 1 Enrekang which is a state senior high school with accreditation A, located on the edge of Enrekang-Toraja highway. While the lowest mean score of EFL teacher was the first grade EFL teacher (teacher 7) who is a part time EFL teacher at SMA 45 Unggulan Sossok which is a private school in a remote area and very small number of students. It can be said that the quality of the EFL teachers were influenced by some factors such as the difference of part time and civil servant teacher , the difference of state and private school, location and accreditation of the schools. Keywords: Students’ perception, EFL teachers’ performance, effective teachers

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 06 Jun 2018 07:02
Last Modified: 06 Jun 2018 07:02

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