The Implementation of the Contextual Teaching and Learning in Soppeng Regency: Teachers’ Perceptionr

JUMRAINI S, JUMRAINI S (2017) The Implementation of the Contextual Teaching and Learning in Soppeng Regency: Teachers’ Perceptionr. S2 thesis, Pascasarjana.

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ABSTRACT The aims of this research were to find out; (1) how the teachers implemented the CTL in classroom activities and (2) the teachers’ perception about the CTL in teaching and learning process. This study employed qualitative research design. The participants of this research were one English teacher in SMP Negeri 1 Lilirilau, one teacher in SMA Negeri 1 Liliriaja and one SMK Negeri 1 Liliriaja. The teachers were observed while the data were collected by using video recording and interview. The result of the research showed that (1) All the teachers can implement all of components of CTL in teaching activity. In implementing the CTL, they had similar and different ways however they looked enough in applying in the classroom, (2) Related with the interview season, all the teachers perceive that CTL helped them in delivering the material to the students. In CTL, they head to relate or make the materials appropriated with the students’ real world so it can draw out the students’ interest in learning process. The implication of this study that related with the result of the teachers’ interview shown that CTL can facilitate the teachers in implementing the 2013 Curriculum. This might happen because components in CTL and scientific approach in the 2013 Curriculum has bit similarities in their application. Keywords: Contextual Teaching and Learning, Teachers’ Perception.

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2018 03:39
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