Teaching Method Used by Professional EFL Teachers of High School Level in Pangkep Regency

ISMAIL, FAUZI (2015) Teaching Method Used by Professional EFL Teachers of High School Level in Pangkep Regency. S1 thesis, Pascasarjana.

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ABSTRACT The objectives of the research were to describe the teacher concept about good teaching methods, kinds of teaching methods used by professional EFL teachers, and the reasons of the professional EFL teachers used the methods. The data sources for the researcher were three professional EFL teachers from three high school levels in Pangkep regency. This research employed qualitative approach with a grounded theory method for the research. The instruments for the research consisted of the researcher as the main instrument, field notes, recorder and camera foto and handycam to take videos. In the process of data collection, the research conclude out of interview and direct classroom observation. In analyzing the data, the researcher employed coding methd that comprised three steps, open coding, axial coding, and selective coding. The result of the research showed that the three subjects have different statements about teaching methods, but their concept basicaally are line with the theories about teaching method proposed by the expert. They stated that the teaching method is a set set of principles, procedures or strategies to be implemented by teachers to achieve desired learning in students. The process in the classroom the teacher used audio visual method, communicative approach, discussing method, task based learning, presentation and production, ESA (Engage, study, and activate), EGRA (Experienced, Generalization, Reinforcement, and Application), and PGRA (Practice, Generalization, Reinforcement, and Application). Beside that the three subjects suggest similar points considered by teachers in choosing a teaching method to be applied in the classroom. They include to choose a method the most important things are the material and the students learning style. Key words : Teaching methods, Professional EFL teachers.

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 23 Apr 2018 02:52
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