EFL Students’ Perception on a Blended Learning Environment in Teaching English.

SAADAH., UMMU (2017) EFL Students’ Perception on a Blended Learning Environment in Teaching English. S1 thesis, Pascasarjana.

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ABSTRACT Blended learning approach is the implementation of face to face and e-learning in the classroom. This research was about blended learning which aimed to find out the implementation in the classroom and students’ perception on a blended learning in teaching English in English Education Study Program. A qualitative descriptive method used as the framework for this research. This research also applied coding method in data analysis. The subjects of the research were taken from the students of English Education Study Program in Post Graduate, State University of Makassar. The data of this research were collected through observation, self report and interview. The result of this research showed that the students expressed a highly positive perception generally. They believed that blended learning will make them more interested in learning English and it will help them to improve their language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). This could be attributed to the flexibility and accessibility that blended learning environment offers. Also, it was very interesting to see that EFL students were highly optimistic about how blended learning will help them in improving their performance. Students will have more time to interact with their teacher in class through communicative activities. Students will be more relaxed and motivated to express their opinions. Blended learning also offers a variety ways on how to teach and learn for both teachers and students respective. The classic approach in education showed a number of problems for both educational establishments and learners. Such problems can be the mobility of the learners, the waste of time that could be devoted to learning, the high direct and indirect cost is caused by the expenses of travelling and mainly the inability of the learner to accommodate his personal needs because they need to be informed at all times of the advancements around their profession.

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