Proceedings of the 1st Yogyakarta International Conference on Educational Management/Administration and Pedagogy (YICEMAP 2017)

Teaching Practice, a challenge to Teacher Education Program in Indonesia

Faridah Faridah, Arismunandar Arismunandar, Bernard Bernard
Corresponding author
Faridah Faridah
Teaching Practice, teacher education, Guru Pamong, mentor teacher, Indonesia
This papers focuses on Teaching Practice component, one of the critical elements in teacher education program in Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM), South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It discusses how the concept of Teaching Practice is perceived and understood by mentor teacher (Guru Pamong). It also explores how this perception has shaped the role of mentor teacher and prospective teachers' activities during their Teaching Practice program in teacher training schools. Qualitative approach is used in this study. Interviews were conducted to mentor teachers at primary and junior secondary training school. The findings show that mentor teachers have received less preparation to conduct their role as a mentor. The way they do their work, highly depend on their perception about the purpose of Teaching Practice, and their previous experiences as mentor teachers. Hence, each prospective teachers might experience different program or activities depending on their creativity and the demand of their mentor teachers.
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