Implementasi Keteramplan Proses Sains Berbasis Pendidikan Karakter

A., Hudiah and Saenab, Sitti and Nurhayati, Nurhayati and Hadis, Abdul (2017) Implementasi Keteramplan Proses Sains Berbasis Pendidikan Karakter. Jurnal Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia, 2 (2). pp. 308-313. ISSN 2503-3018

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The utilization of rice flour as one of raw materials of most Bugis-Makassarese traditional cake is able to weaken the national Food Security, since the high potential of agricultural outcomes in Indonesia are not optimized. Based on the chemical composition of corn, soy beans and variety of tubers, they are quite good as foodstuffs. By optimizing the use of natural resources, then there is no longer agricultural commodity which will be neglected. This is a great opportunity for our nation to build the national Food Security. Besides that, preservation efforts of Bugis-Makassarese traditional cake can continue to be encouraged without necessarily undercut national Food Security. This research aims to develop flour instead of rice flour as a substitution in the making of Bugis-Makassarese traditional cakes and to know the precise formulation in substitution of non-rice flour on Bugis-Makassarese traditional cake. Ten out of eleven Bugis-Makassarese traditional cakes (Beppa pute, nennu-nennu, baruasa, kacipo, putu soppa, onde-onde, bolu cukke, sawella, paminang, talang and bua seppang) were validated until the validation stage II. Those ten cakes were declared valid and worthy to be tested restrictively. Panelists’ level of acceptance to the rice flour substitution on Bugis-Makassarese traditional cake is 93.30%, while 6.7 % of panelists declare rejection

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