Phonological System of Dentong Dialect

Usman, Usman and Amir, Johar and Asia, Nur (2021) Phonological System of Dentong Dialect. Linguistics and Culture Review,, 5 (1). pp. 146-159.

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Abstract---This study examines the phonological system of the Dentong dialect in Cenrana District, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. The results of research on the phonological system, it is found: (1) the vowel phoneme of the Dentong dialect is the same as the vowel phoneme in Bugis, namely /i/, /e/, /ə/, /a/, /u/, and /o/ and the consonant phonemes, namely /b/, /c/, /d/, /g/, /h/, /j/, /k/, /l/, /m/, /n/, /p/, /r/, /s/, /t/, and /ŋ /, nevertheless the phonemes /w/ and /y/ are not found; (2) The consonant sequences are /ŋk/, /nd/, /mb/, /ŋg/, /nj/, /nr/, and /ŋŋ/; (3) Geminations of consonants in the form of phonemes are /kk/, /ll/, /mm/, /nn/, /pp/, /rr/, and /ss/; (4) sound variations, namely apheresis of eliminating phonemes /m/ at the beginning of a word, syncope of eliminating phonemes /ma/ in the middle of a word, epenthesis of inserting phonemes /h/ in the middle of words, prosthesis of adding phonemes /b/ at the beginning of words, and paragog of adding phoneme /ŋ/ at the end of a word; and (5) the symptom of sound found accompanying articulation, namely labialization in the form of sound /w/ labia-dental consonant and palatalization in the form a/y sound. Keywords---Bugis language, Dentong dialect, Dentong language, linguistics aspects, Makassar language, phonological system, regional languages, vowel-consonant phoneme

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