Dampak Angkatan Kerja Dan Inflasi Terhadap Pengangguran Dan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Di Sulawesi Selatan

SAIN, MUH. SYAMSIR (2016) Dampak Angkatan Kerja Dan Inflasi Terhadap Pengangguran Dan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Di Sulawesi Selatan. S1 thesis, universitas negeri makassar.

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ABSTRAK dibimbing oleh Basri Bado dan Diah Retno Dwi Hastuti). Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui Pengaruh Pengangguran, Inlfasi dan Angkatan kerja terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi di Sulawesi Selatan. Dan pengaruh Pertumbuhan Ekonomi dan Inflasi terhadap Pengangguran di Sulawesi Selatan. Penelitian ini menggunakan data time series dan cross section dengan metode analisis data yang digunakan adalah regresi linear berganda dengan menggunakan SPSS21. Hasil analisis data menunjukkan bahwa Pengangguran berpengaruh negatif dan tidak signifikan terhadap Pertumbuhan ekonomi sedangkan inflasi berpengaruh positif dan tidak signifikan serta angkatan kerja berpengaruh positif dan signifikan terhadap pertumbuhan ekonomi di Sulawesi selatan. Inflasi berpengaruh positif dan tidak signifikan serta pertumbuhan ekonomi berpengaruh positif dan signifikan terhadap pengangguran.di Sulawesi. Kata Kunci: Angkatan Kerja, Inflasi, Pengangguran dan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi. ABSTRACT MUH. SYAMSIR SAIN, Impact Labor Force Against Unemployment And Inflation And Economic Growth In South Sulawesi. (Guided by Basri Bado and Diah Retno Dwi Hastuti). The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of unemployment, and labor force Inlfasi on Economic Growth in South Sulawesi. And the influence of Economic Growth and Inflation to Unemployment in South Sulawesi. This study uses data time series and cross section with the data analysis method used is multiple linear regression using SPSS21. The results of data analysis showed that unemployment and no significant negative effect on economic growth, while inflation and no significant positive effect as well as the labor force and significant positive effect on economic growth in southern Sulawesi. Inflation and no significant positive effect as well as economic growth and a significant positive effect on unemployment in South Sulawesi. Keywords: Labor Force, Inflation, Unemployment and Economic Growth. UMMARY Economic growth is one indicator that is important in assessing the performance of an economy, especially for the analysis of the results of economic development has been carried out of a country or a region. Said economic growth when the production of goods and services increased from the previous year's economic growth of a country or a region which continues to show an increase illustrates that the economy of the country or region is well developed. The quality of economic growth can be achieved by considering several important indicators. One of the important indicators of the welfare of society is unemployment. The unemployment rate based on the condition of a country can be seen whether the economy is growing or slow or even decline. In addition to the unemployment rate can also be inequality of income distribution or inequality of a society that is acceptable. On the other hand the government has prioritized job creation both formally and informally and job creation efforts, combined with the action program empowering people to create wider employment opportunities. There is a literature review of previous studies, which used theoretical basis of this research is theory of inflation and unemployment relationship that Phillips curve, unemployment Relations Theory and the theory of economic growth Okun law. The data used in this research is quantitative data, consisting of the workforce, inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. This study uses secondary data, that is data that has been collected by the data collecting institutions and public record data users. The data were obtained from the publication of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Center South Sulawesi. The draft analysis of the data used to discuss the problem and prove the hypotheses that have been put forward, the analytical methods used are panel data is the data collected from multiple objects at some time or data collected from multiple objects at a time (cross section) and data collected over time (time series). In this study, the estimated data using SPSS21. Autocorrelation test aims to determine whether there is a correlation between bullies error in period t with bullies errors in prior periods. Autocorrelation test results using the Durbin-Watson. The test results autocorrelation with Durbin-Watson (DW) with DW = 1.529, According to the table Durbin-Watson (DW) the obtained value of 0.595 dL and dU at 1.928. Autocorrelation test results using the Durbin-Watson showed hesitation hesitations on models that do tests on others, namely Test Langrange Multiplier (LM-TEST). In the LM-TEST test R2 value is used as the basis for calculating the X2 count, with the formula X2 = (n-1) * R2. If the count value ≤ X2 X2 table means that the regression model contains no autocorrelation problem. In this study, economic growth in South Sulawesi significant effect is the labor force and unemployment in South Sulawesi was significant economic growth. And the work force, and inflation is not significant to the economic growth and inflation no significant effect on unemployment in South Sulawesi.

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 21 Jul 2017 01:27
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