Micro-scale business empowerment strategy in Enrekang, South Sulawesi

SOSE, ANDI TENRY (2021) Micro-scale business empowerment strategy in Enrekang, South Sulawesi. S3 thesis, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MAKASSAR.

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ABSTRAK ANDI TENRY SOSE. 2020. Micro-scale business empowerment strategy in Enrekang, South Sulawesi. (guided by Promoter Chalid Imran Musa and Kopromotor Basri Bado). Empowerment strategy is a way to direct energy, funds, power and equipment in helping individuals, groups and communities so that they are able to manage the environment and achieve their goals, so they can work and help themselves and others to maximize their quality of life. The objectives of this study are (i) to analyze the external and internal environment of micro-scale dangke business processors in Enrekang Regency; (ii) to analyze the ability of dangke business managers, financials, and process mechanisms to find an empowerment strategy in managing micro scale dangke businesses in Enrekang Regency; (iii) to determine what strategies can be applied in improving micro-scale business management in Enrekang Regency. This study used a qualitative method with 5-10 informants from Dangke business operators with 12 Subdistricts in Enrekang Regency. This research is focused by micro scale business actors on Dangke business in Cendana Village, Cendana District, Enrekang Regency, which includes Empowerment namely; Entrepreneurship Empowerment, Production Empowerment, Marketing Empowerment, and Business Network Empowerment in Micro Scale Business management. The validity test of the data in this study was determined by using credibility criteria with extended observations and persistence of observations. Data analysis techniques are data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions or verification. The results showed that (1) the strategy of empowering micro scale dangke business managers that included entrepreneurial empowerment, production empowerment, marketing empowerment, and business network empowerment contributed to the improvement of micro scale dangke business management in terms of sales volume, manpower, increased income, and market breadth. (2) aspects of resources, nature, character and will to encourage the ability to move less productive resources into productive resources so as to provide economic value. (3) Production empowerment includes: input aspects consisting of resources, funds, tools and technology, process aspects consisting of monitoring and supervision, output aspects consisting of efficient and effective are needed to increase production volume and increase business profits. (4) marketing empowerment which includes: customer orientation, competitor orientation, and interfunctional functions needed for the socialization and managerial processes and customer oriented. Business Network Empowerment is also important in managing micro-scale businesses. Keywords: strategy, empowerment, production, micro scale business

Item Type: Thesis (S3)
Date Deposited: 18 Mar 2021 03:06
Last Modified: 18 Mar 2021 03:06
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