KEBUDAYAAN LOKAL SEBAGAI SUMBER INSPIRASI (Tinjauan Antropologi Visual pada Pelukis di Kota Makassar)

Jayadi, Karta (2016) KEBUDAYAAN LOKAL SEBAGAI SUMBER INSPIRASI (Tinjauan Antropologi Visual pada Pelukis di Kota Makassar). In: Prosiding Seminar Nasional Lintas Budaya Nusantara, 17 Desember 2016, Makassar, Indonesia.

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Abstract: The article talks about local culture in south sulawesi as the inspiration source for the painters in Makassar in visual anthropology point of view. The local culutre consists of material as well as non material culture including Perahu Pinisi (Pinisi Boat), Baju Bodo, Aksara (Bado Aksara Dress), Mhytos and legend, and also Pesona Alam (The Beauty of nature). The culture is expressed in the work of representational as well as non representational painting. The visual anthropology analysis is used to help understanding the phenomena of “new visual” prensented by the painters as an effort to present the new element and form of the imaged local culture. Theform of representational work can be seen in the cultural themes such as Perahu Pinisi, Baju Bodo, and Pesona alam. The Work also presents the complete and proportional visual elements so that culutural objects can be photograpically imagined even in different situation. For the reason, the close relationship between the inspiring local culture and the inspired painting symbolically has an equal value, while non representational work is imaginatively described by the painter. The visual values are illustrated based on aesthetic fiction, exprience, and the deep information from alphabet, mhytos, and legend. In this painting, the painter has different interpretation in visualize the information in case of formm, color, and compotition. Thus, the imagination and reality of culture cannot be separated form the owner’s community so that it will always appear as the new identity adn personality through the new visualization product.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: culture, local. Inspiration, anthropologhy, visual
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