Perancangan Sistem Pengereman Bentor Model Cakra

Zulhajji, Zulhajji and Yahya, Muhammad and Saharuna, Saharuna (2016) Perancangan Sistem Pengereman Bentor Model Cakra. Scientific Pinisi, 2 (2). pp. 73-150. ISSN 2476-9568

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Design of disc braking system model bentor. The mobility of people in suburban areas is very high especially public transportation (pete-pete) just to reach the main road, so as to take the path of corners is currently used to transport bentor seeked corners and housing. The elimination of bentor been developed in public because bentor tarnsport vehicles are not roadworthy and this is because bentor just fitted so that when the rear brake will stop the wheels bentor tends to be dragged and the stop position farther than expected this would interfere with the safety of passengers. Elimination bentor of course, reduce employment and increase unemployment, so that the operation of the policy recommendations bentor very needed especially in areas that the are inaccessible by public transportatiton. The recommedations include adding the braking system so that when stopped in accordance with the proper position. Design and research results bentor braking system with the addition of disc brakes on both front wheels, enables the driver when to stop the vehicle and provide a sense of security and comfort to the passengers.

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