Mardhiyah, Mar'atun (2019) THE CHARACTERISTICS OF TEACHING SPEAKING AT ENGLISH VILLAGE OF PARE, KEDIRI. S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Makassar.

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ABSTRACT Mar'atun Mardhiyah. 2019. Characteristics of Teaching Speaking at English Village of Pare, Kediri. (Supervised by Mansur Akil and A. Muliati). This research aimed at finding the characteristics of teaching speaking at English Village of Pare, Kediri which covered four research problems namely; (1) Materials used by teachers in teaching speaking, (2) Speaking teaching activities applied by teachers in teaching speaking, (3) The strategies used by speaking teachers, and (4) The assessment used in evaluating Speaking skill of the students. This study employed descriptive qualitative method. The subjects of the research were three different speaking teachers in RnB course of English Village of Pare, Kediri. The data were collected through observation and in-depth interview. The obtained data were analyzed by four major phases: data collection, data display, data condensation, and drawing conclusion. The results of the study conclude that (1) the material used by the teacher in teaching speaking show that two teachers used material including articles or writings which taken from online resources, while one teacher used a guidebook that had been provided by course. (2) The activities applied by the teachers were various, depend on the material used when teaching. Two teachers who utilized articles or writings applied individual presentation and discussion activities in pairs or groups, while one teacher who adjusted textbooks mostly applied question-answer as a core activity. However, apart from those hustles, the three teachers showed another supporting activities that helped students to practice their language skills, such as issuing role-play, debates, and games. It was given out of the essence of the lesson. The themes presented were also free and not heavy. (3) Strategies used by teachers to improve speaking ability namely; organizing good teaching-plan, being active and communicative, giving appreciation, arranging formal, jokes, being emphatic and monitoring. (4) The kinds of assessment given were daily and periodical assessment. It included teachers and peer assessment. Daily assessment were held every time students had completed individual presentations and question-answer session in the classroom, while periodical assessment were conducted twice a month; every 10th and 25th. These test were done simultaneously by all courses institutions in Pare to determine which students deserve to advance to the next level. The implication of this research found that the characteristics of teaching speaking at English Village of Pare, Kediri was unbound on certain materials, activities and strategies. Each teacher was given freedom to create active classes and achieve communicative learning targets. The evaluation method used was not fixed on values, but to measure how far students have reached the learning target at each level. Keywords: Speaking Teaching, Teaching Material of Speaking, Speaking Teaching Activities, Speaking Teaching Strategies, Speaking Skill Assessment, English Village of Pare, Kediri.

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 18 Oct 2019 00:56
Last Modified: 18 Oct 2019 00:56

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