The Frequently Used Verbs and their Alternatives in the Theses of Undergraduate English Education Students

Jusran, Muh (2019) The Frequently Used Verbs and their Alternatives in the Theses of Undergraduate English Education Students. S1 thesis, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MAKASSAR.


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The research aimed at investigating the frequently used verbs in the theses written by undergraduate English education students at UIN Alauddin Makassar, classifying the verbs, and finding out the alternatives of the verbs which may facilitate students in the process of writing. The current study is necessary since it provides offered alternative verbs used in academic writing. Different from several previous studies that only investigate frequently used verbs in argumentative writing such as newspaper without availability of possible used verbs. It is expected that the alternatives can help students foster their academic vocabulary in order to have a better writing in terms of clarity and precision. This study employed descriptive research method underlain by corpus based analysis of students’ vocabulary especially in terms of verbs used in academic writing. The objects of the research were undergraduate theses of alumni of English education students submitted in the library at state Islamic university (UIN) Alauddin Makassar. There were six theses selected from the last five year paper (in academic year 2013 up to 2017). The result of the research revealed that; (1) It has been figured out the verbs expressed frequently by students in academic writing. It is most likely that students tend to repeat or select a verb in the number of occurrences, (2) Several verbs which were most frequently used were ‘show’, ‘make’, ‘use’, ‘help’, ‘expect’, ‘improve’, ‘give’, and ‘get’. The verbs have some synonyms in some various contexts in the students’ scholarly writing, (3) The various uses of alternative verbs can be beneficial for students in several terms such as students would be able to create precise and good proposition. The list of alternative verbs may ease students to cite an expert’s ideas by paraphrasing the predicate to avoid plagiarism as effectively as possible, (4) The most frequently used verbs found in the present study are categorised as procedural verbs, creative verbs, direct object verbs, reference verbs, and evidence based/data driven verbs. Keywords: frequently used verbs, corpus based analysis, alternative verbs

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Date Deposited: 24 May 2019 01:55
Last Modified: 24 May 2019 01:55

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