MAKNA PERAN DAN MODAL SOSIAL PEREMPUAN NELAYAN BAJO (Studi Fenomenologi di Pesisir Pantai Soropia Kabupaten Konawe)

Rusli, Muhammad and Bulkis, Sitti and Agustang, Andi (2018) MAKNA PERAN DAN MODAL SOSIAL PEREMPUAN NELAYAN BAJO (Studi Fenomenologi di Pesisir Pantai Soropia Kabupaten Konawe). S2 thesis, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MAKASSAR.

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Meaning of Role and Social Capital of Bajo Fisherwomen (Phenomenology Study at the Coastal of Soropia of Konawe Regency) (Supervised by Sitti Bulkis, and Andi Agustang). The research was motivated from the view of the controversy that casts doubt on women's abilities and the facts of the research that Bajo fisherwomen play more role than men. This study aims to reveal the the role social, social role and meaning of the role of Bajo fisherwomen and social construction of the role, their social capital in doing the role and contribution of the role in achieving the welfare of their families. To reveal these objectives then use study of phenomenology. Through the phenomenology approach it is revealed that Bajo fisherwomen do triple-burden roles. Productive roles consist of looking for and selling seafood, caring for and make catch tools, and do any productive job. They also do reproductive roles, like buy and take care of all family needs, including lifting water for husband and children. In the social-public roles, the women work together their neighbor. They are represent of their family in the social-public activities. The role and social capital began to be socially constructed from an early age until this woman married. The roles are done since child, except role as a wife. The women can do roles more than men roles because the role contains the meaning of love and responsibility to the family. This spiritual factor became a powerful social-energy and suggestion so that the Bajo fisherwomen worked like untiring, fearless, and timeless. Despite having strong energy but can not pass the role without social capital, particularly very high trust and very strong help each others with their families and neighbors. All roles and social capital serve to achieve family welfare, aspesciay fufied needs that fit their standar of living. Key Words: Women’s role, meaning of women's role, meaning of women's social capital, family welfare, social construction.

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
Date Deposited: 22 Nov 2018 05:44
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